Unlock lifetime access to a top Udemy instructor’s entire course library for under $20


TL;DR: As of Feb. 17, a lifetime subscription to The Insider School Unlimited — valued at $997 — is just $19. That’s savings of 98%.

There’s no shortage of knowledge to uncover on the internet. But distinguishing what’s helpful to your productivity and growth from what’s a major time suck isn’t easy. That’s why Brandon Hakim created Insider School Unlimited: a library of courses that covers the stuff you never learned in school, from speed reading and productivity to time management and decision-making.

As of Feb. 17, you can get lifetime access to all 26 courses — and counting — from Insider School for just $19. That’s less than $1 per course for a limited time.

Hakim is a top Udemy instructor; his video-based lectures are almost like mini TED Talks, filled with self-development techniques and actionable insights you can apply to your life. They cover many of the key takeaways from personal development books, so you don’t have to read each book yourself or waste hours scouring the internet.

In the 26 courses included, you’ll learn speed reading techniques, how to improve your communication skills, productivity hacks, how to set distinct goals, time management tips, and how to beat procrastination. There are even courses that dive deeper into your mindset, aiming to tackle the motivation behind behaviors and adjust them organically. You’ll discover ways to beat self-sabotaging habits, tips for turning failures into success, and how to make better decisions.

With this lifetime deal, you’ll not only get access to all current courses, but also future updates and new courses as well. This puts a never-ending learning library at your fingertips for life. You’ll even get printable cheat sheets to accompany every course, so you can turn your newfound knowledge into action.

Get a lifetime subscription to Hakim’s Insider School for only $19 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Insider School