U.S. Politicians are Actively Promoting Bitcoin and Blockchain


Growing Bitcoin adoption in the United States was the focus of a recent session on the popular YouTube channel, Simply Bitcoin. The session reviewed several recent reports about states in the U.S. seeking to adopt Bitcoin. Not just Bitcoin but also protecting the related activities that support the cryptocurrency.

Leading in this direction is Texas, which is nicknamed “The Bitcoin Country”. The state had already released an 84-page government report endorsing its full support of Bitcoin.

The report prepared by “The Working Group on Blockchain Matters” also contained recommendations that Texas should buy Bitcoin, pass self-custody protection laws, including tax breaks from mining and also introduce Bitcoin education in schools.

The former leader of the Texas energy grid, Brad Jones was reported to have praised the emergence of several Bitcoin miners in the state. According to him, it helped them solve a lingering challenge of balancing the grid by taking up a bulk of the generated energy.

Several Bitcoin miners were set up in Texas in 2022, relocating from China where all

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