This 7-piece cast iron cookware set is on sale for less than $200

TL;DR: Through Nov. 23, you can get the 7-Piece Basque Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Set for just $199.99 instead of $349 — that’s a 42% discount.

The holiday visitors are coming, and they’re probably hungry. You could throw something together and spend all your time in the kitchen, or you could use some enameled cast iron to prep dinner and make the cooking a treat of its own. This seven-piece set of Basque Enameled Cast Iron looks as good as it cooks. In the spirit of the season, you have the chance to get this enamel set for just $199.99 (reg. $349). No code needed. The sale ends November 23, 11:59 PM Pacific. 

A seven-piece enameled cast iron set for your holiday feast 

Get a gift everyone can share by cooking up something delicious. This enamel set includes a 10.25-inch skillet, a saucepan, and two dutch ovens. The saucepan and dutch ovens also have their own lids. 

Whether you’re an experienced chef or this is your first time hosting a family feast, an enamel set like this could level up your cooking. Enamel dutch ovens are great for slow cooking, so you could prepare your main dish before the family even arrives. Each piece in the set is oven safe and has a 500ºF heating capacity, so toast some rolls or bake some beautiful sides for your visitors. 

Each piece in the set has oversized handles to improve balance and leverage and allow for a comfortable grip while you’re wearing oven mitts. They may look cool in Biscay blue, but cast iron gets hot, so make sure to wear your mitts when you take your next delicious creation out of the oven. 

Get cooking in style 

This season, we’re celebrating with dropped prices on some beautiful and highly useful products.  That’s how you can get this seven-piece Basque Enameled Cast Iron Set for just $199 (reg. $349). No code needed, but sale ends November 23, 11:59 PM Pacific.

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