These teeth whitening strips are on sale for 30% off

TL;DR: Through Nov. 23, you can get the Zimba Whitening Strips in mint or spearmint for $22.99 or get two packs of mint for $34.99 — that’s 30% off.

Your smile is how you greet the world, but it’s very common for it to also be a source of insecurity. Sauces, wines, tea, coffee, it’s unfair that so many of life’s pleasures that also happen to be holiday staples can stain your teeth. But it’s OK — this year, we’re thankful for at-home teeth whiteners like Zimba Whitening Strips. These easy-to-use whitening strips could help you achieve a brighter smile, and you can get them on sale for up to 30% off. 

Get comfortable with your smile 

Get 28 strips totaling two weeks of whitening treatments in each Zimba Pack. Those strips use a gentle formula to help your teeth get up to six shades whiter. The manufacturer even claims that you could notice the effects after just one full treatment. You may want to lay off the tea or other staining food and drinks for a little while, though. 

Using your whitening strips is almost too easy. Just peel the backing from the strip, apply the sticky side to the top of your teeth, and repeat with the bottom, avoiding too much contact with your gums. After 30 minutes, remove the strips and rinse. 

For the best results, Zimba recommends using the strips every day for two weeks, but if you miss a day or two, it won’t affect your whitening results. All that’s left is to smile wide for the camera when holiday picture time rolls around. 

A deal to be thankful for

Stained teeth are common, probably because so many delicious things happen to cause them. If you want a brighter smile, then you may want to try some at-home whitening strips. It’s the season to be thankful, and this year, we’re celebrating with some great deals, including the chance to get Zimba Whitening Strips on sale. Get a pack of mint or spearmint for $22.99 or get two packs of mint for $34.99 — no coupon needed. This sale ends November 23 at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Prices subject to change.