The Philips Hue smart bulbs are at their lowest price ever


Save $62.75: A 3-pack of the Philips Hue A19 white and color bulbs is only $72.24 at Amazon as of Feb.10, thanks to a markdown and an on-page coupon. These bulbs are usually $134.99, making this a 46% savings and the bulbs’ lowest price to date.

Anyone who has considered buying smart lights has looked at Philips Hue bulbs. The same people have also probably Googled some version of, “Are Philips Hues worth it?” because these little bulbs, for all their fun color-changing functions, are not cheap.

At least, they’re not cheap usually. As of Feb. 10, you can grab a three pack of the Philips Hue A19 white and color bulbs for just $72.24 at Amazon, which puts the price at about $24 per bulb. Considering just one of these bulbs will run you $45, this is an incredible deal and one that we’ve never seen before — the bulbs’ Black Friday price (and former lowest ever) had the three pack available for just under $80.

This sweet deal comes courtesy of a markdown combined with a 15% on-page coupon. However, if you’re not interested in grabbing three bulbs at once (though that will give you the most savings), the coupon can also be applied to the two-pack and single pack of the bulbs.

So what is it about these lightbulbs that usually have people shelling out big? In terms of pure aesthetics, you can set these lights to basically any color you can think of, and unlike some other budget bulbs, the app you use to do that is easy to navigate. Also unlike most budget bulbs, the Hue doesn’t require a specific WiFi connection to work.

While you do get the absolute most out of scheduling and smart functionality by using a Hue Hub (aka an additional purchase that is the only way to use WiFi with these bulbs), they’re also Bluetooth compatible. With just the free Bluetooth app, you can connect up to 10 bulbs, use voice control, and set timers and even certain atmospheres for your lights.

All in all, they’re some of the best smart lights out there, and for a limited time, they’re not outrageously expensive, so grab them while you can.

Credit: Philips Hue

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