The Best Hot-Ticket Tech Gifts of 2022, From Laptops to Speakers

We’ve been told that the holidays are about merriment and togetherness, but it doesn’t take that hard of a look to see past the yuletide-palooza and discover that it’s all a not-so-subtle front for promoting our times’ latest and greatest tech. And frankly? That’s fine. The rest of the year, it’s hard for us to keep up, and frankly, it’s time to upgrade from your ancient Bluetooth speaker, cracked-screen phone, and the earbuds you’ve been holding on to since they were passed out on your flight to Milwaukee in 2018. The new stuff is smarter, sleeker, and more packed with carefully curated features than ever before, in all realms of tech including home devices, sound bars, laptops, and gaming systems. 

So pass the mashed potatoes and remind your family to hold off on giving you socks for the fourth year in a row: It’s 2022, baby. There are oddly necessary gadgets to splurge on and smart-home essentials to save on

From noise-canceling headphones to speakers worthy of the pros, we’ve created the Mother of All Tech Lists. Use it to guide your own quest for the greatest deals as you rifle through the holiday sales, or print out a few copies and hand them out to the people shopping for you. It’s your call. 

The best smart home devices of 2022

While it’s a little trippy turning our homes into living, breathing computers, smart home products let us dim the lights, turn on the fire Miguel track, and answer the door without lifting a finger—and frankly, that’s rad. Here are the hottest home tech products of the holiday season.

Amazon Echo 

You’re committed to Alexa, it’s cool. The new 5th generation Echo is currently 33% off on its mothership realtor. If you’re looking for rich sound for your favorite tunes in addition to a smart home hub, this little orb’s got you covered. 

Blink Video Doorbell

It’s like screening your calls, but for visitors.

The best headphones of 2022

Lots of the best speakers, headphones, and other audio electronics are still on sale thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so add to cart on these spicy sound-blasting meatballs before they sell out.

Apple’s AirPods Pro 

Wired earbuds can attempt to make a comeback all they want, but the people still very much want AirPods. Although they’re so easily susceptible to being dropped in the sewer, we still love ‘em, and we bet someone wants to find them in their stocking (unless they deserve coal). Features include noise-cancelation, touch control, water-resistance, up to 30 hours of listening time, and quick access to Siri.   

Sony’s Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Silencing the world truly is priceless. But if we must talk numbers, then there’s no better value than these noise-canceling headphones from Sony that are currently 35% off.

Apple’s AirPods Max

The big daddy of AirPods: the AirPods Max. Besides being more voluptuous, these are perfect for those who want to engage in hot girl (or boy) walks, are making phat beats for SoundCloud, or just know swag. Expect high-fidelity audio, noise-cancelation, cushioned memory foam, and up to 20 hours of listening time. Our favorite part? Probably the suave matte metallic color palette and the fact that it has a 4.6 star rating from over 10,000 customer reviews on Amazon. 

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

On sale or full price, these bad boys from Bose are worth every penny.

The Best Speakers and Audio Equipment of 2022

Still using that tiny, tinny Bluetooth speaker you got for free from the holiday raffle in 2016? Pal, no. Get thee some decent bass.

Bose Smart Soundbar 

Gifts don’t do you any good if they’re stuck at the North Pole. This Bose smart sound bar is on sale for 20% off and is available for fast delivery, so you can confidently schedule a better-sounding movie marathon on Christmas morning. 

Sonos Roam

Move over, crappy travel speaker—it’s time for an upgrade. Invest in a Sonos Roam. It adapts its sound to fit your surroundings, plus, it’s waterproof. Now that’s a grown-up portable speaker. 

Sony Bookshelf Speaker System

Normally, you’d be hard pressed to find this high-fidelity pair of bookshelf speakers for more than 77 bucks off, but as Taylor Swift says, “‘Tis the damn season.” 

The Best TVs and Streaming Devices of 2022

With the amount of time we now spend pummeling our brains with Love Island and true crime TV, watching our favorite shows with seamless streaming and high-def screens is a legitimately good investment.

Samsung 4K Smart TVs 

If you’re a veteran Black Friday shopper, chances are you’ve witnessed hand-to-hand combat over a TV out on the front lines. B&H is doing its part to keep us all civilized by launching its deals online, like this 55-inch Samsung Smart TV. At 500 dollars off, it’s a deal worth throwing hands over. 

Insignia 39” Class Smart TV

This is a massive bang for your buck and has fantastic reviews. In the spirit of the season, it’s now under $200. Go crazy. 

Roku Ultra 

Even with Black Friday prices, not all of us are in the market for a new TV. That doesn’t mean we’re excluded from a streaming glow-up, though. The Roku Ultra—which comes with 30 free days of HBO Max.

Apple TV 

Calling all Apple devotees: The 2022 Apple TV 4K is here, ready to enhance the visuals of your existing setup and open the doors to the world of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max. 

The Best Gamer Gifts of 2022

Yep—you know them already. But here’s the latest on the greatest gifts for gaming freaks.

Nintendo’s Switch

What a gem this gaming console is. Not only do you get to indulge in Mario Kart, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Pokémon, but you get to escape from the pain of reality and have an excuse to not leave the house.

Oculus Quest 2

Ready to get all Ready Player One in your living room? Time to finally try out this world-bending VR headset. 

Playstation 5 Cooling Fan 

If you’re well versed in the realm of gaming, you’re highly aware of the Xbox 360 ring of death. It’s said to be caused by the console overheating, so we’re not taking any chances on our other gaming systems. This cooling fan helps dissipate heat and helps improve your precious tech baby’s lifespan.

The Best Laptops and Tablets of 2022

There’s nothing quite like getting a new laptop or tablet to make you realize how badly your one from college needs to be tossed in the trash. This is why it’s smart to shop for new computers while prices are low for holiday sales.

Apple’s MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro is still an investment. But Amazon’s generous 12% off price drop makes the Apple powerhouse a little more attainable. 

Apple’s MacBook Air

People can rag on Macs all they want. The truth is they reign supreme when it comes to computers. This one is the 2020 edition, but it’s not any less worthy of being a part of your tech lineup. It has a 4.8 star average review score and over 13,000 total customer reviews on Amazon. “Even in 2022, this laptop is a solid choice,” one reviewer wrote. “As can be expected from Apple, the build quality feels premium.” Expect up to 18-hour battery life, sharp and vibrant image display, and speed efficiency. 

HP Chromebook 

Ah, a great budget laptop for college students who can only afford microwavable ramen noodles.

Apple’s 10.2-Inch iPad 

Mr. Bezos attempted to dupe the oh so precious iPad with Amazon’s Fire Tablet, but it just ain’t the same dude. You can’t just wake up one morning and beat its retina display, ultra wide camera, stereo speakers, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Although it’s an older model, it’s still primed for performance.

Microsoft Surface Tablets

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tablet that doesn’t skimp on storage, display, battery life, or graphics, let me introduce you to the Microsoft Surface Go 2.

The Best Wearable Tech of 2022

Guarantee you’ll get those 10,000 steps in (and better yet, don’t force yourself to fumble around for your phone whenever you want to see what time it is).

Apple’s Watch Series 8

We like to think of the Apple Watch as the athletic version of a Rolex, minus the potential that attempting to purchase one will cause us to go bankrupt. This wrist candy is more tech savvy than our IT guy from middle school (did they even do anything???) Get insights on your blood oxygen levels, heart rhythm, stages of sleep, and workout performance while also being able to take calls and send texts. 

Fitbit Charge 5

Health nuts, gather ‘round to track your mile pace and heart rate come January—right around the time of year when you’re trying to work off all the holiday treats you’ve been thoughtlessly chomping donw. The latest Fitbit Charge 5 comes with stress management tools, which you hopefully won’t have to utilize as much in 2023. (It’s also marked down right now.)

Enjoy the upgrades, and may your smart devices be obedient and all your content be fire in 2023.