The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals, From Fancy TVs to Luxury Vibrators

Can you smell that, Brad? It’s the sweet, nutmeggy smell of eggnog and Amazon Black Friday deals for breakfast, because the savings are already popping off on the best home goods, kitchen tools, tech, fashion, beauty and sexual wellness finds on the behemoth. Like us, you know that the best Black Friday deals are rolling in from a variety of enticing corners on the web, but Amazon is a damn solid one-stop-shop for getting everything you’ve had lingering in your browser for ages to outfit your life with truly adult toys, from Instant Pots to air humidifiers; Bose headphones to mattresses that can fit you and your boo.

Strap on your headlamps, and let’s spelunk into some of the best Amazon Black Friday deals that will be landing in our cart this year.

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on tech and electronics

A top-notch bargain TV

An OG laptop

These Dyson daddies

Dyson may be hosting its own sale, but you can also score these dust sucking bad boys in Mr. Bezos’ shopping realm for hearty discounts.

The best noise-canceling headphones

What? What was that? I didn’t realize I missed my stop and rode the subway all the way to heaven; the sound-canceling abilities on these Bose headphones are just that good. (Check out our guide to the best noise-canceling headphones here.) And for a limited time, they’re 24% off.

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on fashion

Ray-Ban sunglasses are never *not* cool

A man and his watch

Labels gone wild

Did you know that high-end designers like Gucci and Coach sell on Amazon now? Yeah, man—and that’s not all; they’re part of the sale extravaganza, so you can save hundreds without even having to hit up a resale site or rifle through potential fakes on auction sites. Some top picks: These Coach loafers and a groovy pair of Gucci shades that murmur “I drink Champagne with lunch.”

The perfect fleece North Face jacket for layering

Power slacks

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on cookware and food

The best cookware bundle

The best mini coffee machine

We know you’ve always wanted a milk frother

The best pressure cooker

Once you Instant Pot, you can never go back. “This product is my best friend,” writes one reviewer about the top-rated machine, “and I would marry it and grow old with it if I could. I’ve put pork loins, potatoes, yellow bundt cakes from boxed cake, rice, corn on the cob…” Damn, Sally. You win. The standard Instant Pot is a classic, but the Pro model has all-black Matrix vibes—and is currently 41% off.

A blender that won’t quit

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on skincare and sexual wellness

It’s Britney, bish

Ms. Spears’ Circus album may have taught us not to put up with anyone’s shiz, but the Womanizer Pro 40 teaches us how to explore our erotic nooks and crannies downstairs with its six different intensities of clitoral sucking.

This shiatsu massager is a great gift

It’s like having a personal, back-massaging snake draped over your shoulders all the time. Plus, it’s heated. Gift it to mom, pops, or anyone who’s on the WFH grind.

No more zit sick days

Is calling out of work for waking up to a swollen bomb on your face socially acceptable? It should be, but until then, this serum by The Ordinary is one hell of an acne killer with its high concentration of niacinamide.

Caress the windows to your soul

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on outdoor and fitness goods

The best personal exercise bikes

It’s about to be really cold outside, but these folding exercise bikes will keep our thighs heated, happy, and limber from the comfort of our railroad apartments once we feel the burn mid-workout.

The best camping chair

Just picture cracking open a ‘Gansett by the riverbank in this baby on a sunny winter day. Heaven. Also, why aren’t all chairs heated? Save 12% thanks to the ol’ BF.

Glug glug

The best Amazon Black Friday deals on home goods, mattresses, and bedding

The best memory foam mattresses

Ever since we had eyeballs that could watch infomercials, we’ve wanted a memory foam (or adaptive foam) mattress. Now, that dream can come true with deals on brands like Simmons.

The best air purifiers for you Californians

In the words of The Hollies, “All I need is the air that I breathe [to be HEPA filtered].” Coway’s top-rated air purifier—with built in air quality monitoring—is a hearty 21% off.

The best winter bedding

Tuck in to a top-rated comforter that should really be its own category of cloud, and a microfiber  pillow and comforter set that is ideal for sensitive skin.

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