Take $49 off this body-drying platform that can improve your after-shower experience


TL;DR: As of Feb. 8, the Viatek Body Dryer is on sale for $299.99, which is 14% down from its regular price of $349.

Even with a fluffy towel awaiting you on the other side of the curtain, it’s tough stepping out of the shower in the winter. This body-drying platform might make it a little easier, though.

The Viatek Body Dryer, which we’ve featured in the past, acts like a hair dryer, but for your entire body. So, you can swiftly go from the warm comfort of the shower to the warm comfort of a body-drying platform — a modern luxury you never realized you needed.

The body dryer, beyond simply offering a luxurious way to dry off, can also reduce your towel use and may be a bit more eco-friendly in the long run. Using fewer towels means fewer loads of laundry and less water and energy use, among other things.

You step onto the Viatek Body Dryer like a scale and the gravity sensors trigger the airflow to begin. The air temperature and speed can be adjusted to your liking, with wind speeds up to 100 mph and warm or cool options. So, in the winter, you can set it to be warm and gentle when you step out of the shower. But when summer rolls around, you can even set it up outdoors before coming inside from the pool with a colder, stronger airflow to dry you off and cool you down. Use the included remote control to pick your settings.

Check it out:

Weighing just over seven pounds, the Viatek Body Dryer can support up to 350 pounds and be moved around the house to wherever it’s needed. Besides drying humans, you can even use it to dry off your pets after giving them a bath, or after they’ve frolicked through the rain or snow. 

It’s usually $349, but you can slash $49 off and get it for just $299.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Viatek
Viatek Body Dryer
$299.99 at the Mashable Shop