Swap out your bike for an electric scooter for max riding comfort


SAVE $150: If you don’t want to be stuck in traffic but also don’t want to arrive at the office all sweaty from biking, check out an electric scooter. They’re zippy but compact, and this one from NIU is on sale at Amazon as of May 11 for $594.15, with an extra $50 off with an on-screen coupon. That brings it down to $544.15, which is 22% off its regular price of $699.

How are electric scooters the future? Let me count the ways. Shakespeare aside, these next-level iterations of our beloved childhood scooters can now be seen on the streets of most cities, and for good reason — they’re so convenient.

The slim width of electric scooters means they can avoid traffic on the streets, and veer onto pedestrian paths when there’s no one in the way. Plus, like bikes, many of them fold up for easy portability, or you can lock them at the nearest bike rack. Best of all, they’re effortless to ride, unlike a traditional bike, and you don’t even need to get off it at red lights.

That’s not to mention the tech that brands keep adding to these scoots — from automatic speed limits to object detection, some of these newfangled scooters rival Teslas for their extra features. Unfortunately, that also means they come at pretty steep prices (Segway’s new e-scooter costs a whopping $4,000).

Luckily, this isn’t necessarily the case — if your own eyes are good enough object detectors, you can settle for a plainer e-scooter that will still get you where you need to go. This NIU KQi3 Electric Scooter is a great option for both price and functionality: It comes in eight colors and has an extra-wide handle, deck, and wheels for maximum riding comfort. The thick design of the wheels also makes for better shock absorption and durability, which is helpful considering that it goes up to max speeds of 17.4mph with its 300W motor.

The lithium battery will run for up to 25 miles on just five hours’ charge. You can maximize distance covered with four riding modes (including an e-save mode) to suit your commute. Dual brakes (a mechanical front brake and electric rear one) make for safer and stable braking, while regenerative braking tech claims to “improve energy recovery efficiency by 4%.” The e-scooter also has an LED dashboard that shows headlight, battery, speed, and connectivity status (the NIU App can be connected to lock your e-scooter, check your ride stats, or customize your speed/cruise control).

Keep in mind that the maximum load of the NIU KQi3 is 220lbs, so if you (and your bags/whatever you’re going to be carrying) weigh more than that, you should probably look elsewhere for a more heavy-duty scooter. It also weighs 40lbs itself, so it might not be the best scooter to take on hiking trips, but for an urban commute, it’s pretty well-suited. Check it out at Amazon for $594.15, and don’t forget to check the coupon that takes off an extra $50.

Credit: NIU
NIU Electric Scooter for Adults
$544.15 at Amazon (save $154.85 including on-page coupon)

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