Stimulate your pup’s brain with a dog puzzle — this one is almost 50% off

SAVE $12.54: As of May 11, you can get the Outward Hound dog brick puzzle for almost 50% off the original price — save $12.54 (46%) at Amazon for a limited time and see if your pup to up to the challenge.

If you’re a pet parent who works from home (or just a pet parent in general), you know that sometimes you can’t give your furry friend the attention it craves. There are meetings. There are emails. There are things to do. Would we rather be playing fetch? Of course! But sometimes we need to focus up and tell Fido that playtime can’t happen right now, no matter how much it hurts to tell them that.

For the times when you’re booked and busy, may we suggest setting your pup up with a dog puzzle? Yes, dogs like brain games, too, and not only will a puzzle stimulate them mentally, but it’ll also give you some much needed time to get shit done. This puzzle from Outward Hound is one that this writer (and his dog) loved, and it’s currently on sale for almost 50% off the original price at Amazon.

The point of the puzzle is simple: To keep your dog mentally engaged and possibly even improve their cognitive ability. All you have to do is set it up and let your pup go to town. This brick puzzle lets you hide treats in multiple compartments that your dog can open by licking, pawing, and pushing with their nose. It’ll keep them occupied for quite a while (especially if they’re motivated by food), and it’s honestly just really adorable to watch. You’re going to be so proud of them.

Is your dog truly smarter than a fifth grader? Time to find out — pick up the Outward Hound dog brick puzzle at Amazon and save almost 50% for a limited time.

Credit: Outward Hound

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