Snag This Vibrating Beard Cleaner (for 50% Off) to Tame Your Face Bush

We’re deep in the throes of Movember, baby, which means men everywhere are celebrating facial hair in honor of men’s health (whether they can grow a full on lumbersexual beard or struggle to produce anything more than stubble) and unleashing the power of the stache. That said, ask any dude who has any level of facial hair beyond a five-o’-clock shadow, and they’ll tell you that it’s a lot more involved than just *existing*; if you want to avoid beard dandruff (gross, and yes—a thing) or painful ingrown hairs, taking care of the skin under what’s slowly growing on your face is serious business. A beardy face is nature’s canvas, as Bob Ross would say, and thankfully, we’re blessed now with products designed specifically for keeping your beard shiny, silky, and—dare we say—sexy.

One such brand taking beard-care tech to the next level is Foreo. The maker of a vibrating beard-cleaner, micro-foaming beard cleanser, and beyond is appreciating the fine art facial hair with its Movember Sale, offering up to 50% off across a suite of products.

Keeping a mustache or goatee well-cleaned is no easy task. Beard-induced acne is real, as hair follicles can trap oil in pores. To avoid disrupting your facial flow, having the right cleansing routine and products can make all the difference. A great place to start your facial hair maintenance—ideally before even picking up a razor—is to literally just wash your face. Foreo’s Luna 3 is a deep cleaning tool that gets the nitty gritty beneath thick facial hair, using silicone touchpoints to gently exfoliate, boost circulation, and massage skin without being abrasive. It offers 16 different intensities for both a light touch or a heavy grind depending on how deep you’re ready to go. If this is also a point where you’re interested in cleaning the rest of the area around your beard, Foreo’s also got a bundle that includes its tech-savvy toothbrush, which uses a 360-degree silicone brush head to clean not just teeth and gums, but also your inner cheeks and tongue. That’s oral hygiene, baby.

Of course, washing your face requires…well, soap. While we’ve got nothing against our favorite drugstore brands, we’re impressed with how this Micro-Foam Cleanser by Foreo gently removes impurities while also hydrating all skin types. You may save yourself a trip to the dermatologist (and purchasing their expensive prescription face cleaner) with the simple act of vibrating, foaming, and rinsing with this Foreo combo.

Perhaps you’re seeking out a more luxurious, at-home spa experience (or, you know, you just want to make sure your skin is actually clear post-shave). The UFO 2 is primed to deliver that spa-like experience without spending hundreds for someone to extract the gunk from your pores, packing in temperature-controlled thermo-therapy to gently help ingredients penetrate the skin, and cyrotherapy to depuff, firm skin, and shrink the look of pores. Yes, this is all very high-tech—maybe aliens are behind it, but as long as we look sexy AF we’ll gladly welcome extraterrestrial assistance with open arms. Other features of the UFO 2 include a T-Sonic massage to relax muscle tension and full-spectrum LED light, proven to help with acne, wrinkle prevention, and more. To get the full experience, grab Foreo’s sheet or activated masks—also on sale—and light some scented candles, duh.

With December on our doorstep, there’s a good chance your Movember mustache is on its way out. Whether you’re trying to stock up on gear to make your end-of-month- shave a little less painful, or looking to gift some unique grooming gear to someone on your holiday shopping list, Foreo’s Movember Sale with up to 50% off select products is a solid way to trim a few to-do’s off the list. Plus, doesn’t rubbing your face with a vibrating beard cleaner that feels like a Koosh ball sound delightful?

Keep that ‘stache alive—but also keep it clean. For more tips on keeping your facial hair lookin’ fine, check out our guide to the best beard care products.

Shop Foreo’s entire Movember Sale here.

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