Snag a smartwatch designed for musicians for up to $70 off


TL;DR: As of Feb. 19, you can get the Soundbrenner Smart Watch for Musicians at a range of discounts — the Soundbrenner Pulse is 33% off for just $79 (regularly $119) with the code PULSE20, the Soundbrenner Core (usually $229) is $159 with the code CORE40, which will get you 30% off, and the Soundbrenner Core Steel is available for $225 (regularly $285, so that’s 21% off) with the code MUSICIAN60.

There are all sorts of tools on the market for musicians to improve their timing and rhythm. One of the most popular is the classic metronome — a gadget that click-clacks back and forth to set the time signature that guides you to the beat. Since this is 2022, however, the metronome and other musical tools can now be streamlined into an unobtrusive wearable. Meet the Soundbrenner Smartwatch for Musicians.

Available in three different options, the Soundbrenner smartwatches allow you to access a steady vibrating tempo on your wrist with a single tap. The outer dial can then turn up the speed or notch it back with a couple extra taps. Adjustments are meant to be easy, so you can focus on the important stuff, like practicing your music. There’s no click-clack like a typical metronome either, which frees up your ears for the music itself — just powerful vibrations that are built to be about seven times stronger than your smartphone.

Sync up your Soundbrenner with the accompanying app and unlock a ton of other features. You can change up the time signature, load your setlists, use multiplayer sync to keep the whole band on the same page, adjust the vibration intensity or beat duration, and even change the color of the pulse.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is the base model, which is discounted to just $79 (regularly $119) with the code PULSE20. If you want even more features, the Soundbrenner Core has even more tricks up its sleeve, like a contact tuner, dB meter, and all the standard smartwatch features and notifications. It’s usually $229, but you can use the code CORE40 and get it for $159.

Finally, if style is just as important to you as function, check out the Soundbrenner Core Steel, which has all the features of the Core, but in a stainless steel package. Use the code MUSICIAN60 and get it on sale for $225 (regularly $285).

Prices subject to change.

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Soundbrenner Smart Watch for Musicians
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