Six missing women murdered in violent Mexican state


The women went missing on March 7 in the city of Celaya, an area convulsed by drug violence in Guanajuato, which over the past few years has gone from being one of the least troubled regions of the country to one of the most gang-ridden.

Guanajuato’s attorney general, Carlos Zamarripa, said suspected members of a criminal gang abducted the women and killed them in the town of Juventino Rosas northwest of Celaya.

“They were the ones who moved the six young women to Juventino Rosas to a place where they later took their lives,” Zamarripa told a news conference.

Forensic teams were still working at the site to identify the dead, because the bodies had been almost completely incinerated, Zamarripa said. Five of the missing women had so far been identified from the remains, he said.

Several suspects had been arrested over the case, he said.


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