Scrabbling To Keep Up…


Technology is moving at such a clip regulator can’t keep up. Legislators, for example, haven’t come up with an approach to deal with AI’s potential to enable mass surveillance, exacerbate long-standing inequities, or put humans in physical danger.

With those increasingly severe challenges looming, the sudden emergence of so-called generative AI—systems such as chatbots that create content on their own—is presenting a host of new challenges.

The European Union launched the Artificial Intelligence Act in 2021, and the Biden Administration presented a blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights last year but they need to be working on documents that are constantly evolving to meet the pace of technological development.

Ultimately we, as a society, need to be in front of technology by providing legislative frameworks that mitigate against risk but don’t stymie industrial progress. In fact, we need to be putting businesses at the center of the conversation.