Save over £70 on the Breville one-touch coffee machine this Black Friday

SAVE OVER £70: The Breville One-Touch Coffee Machine is on sale for £148.36 this Black Friday, saving you 33% on list price.

While you’re filling your boots this Black Friday with excellent discounts, why not fill your coffee cup too? Because there are some very delicious offers on coffee machines in the Amazon Black Friday sale.

One of our favourites is the Breville one-touch coffee machine, which has been marked down to just £148.36 — that’s a discount of 33%. And if you’re someone who likes to trawl through the Black Friday offers for real, measurable value, this coffee machine pays for itself in delivering excellent, time-saving coffee.

Indeed, the Breville one-touch coffee machine lives up to its name by making espresso, cappuccino, and latte at the literal push of a button. Just select your preferred coffee size and flavour (it has options for various cup sizes). There’s also optional froth, which comes via a built-in milk frother.

The Breville one-touch coffee machine works with ESE coffee pods and has a 19 bar Italian pump, which allows you to control the pressure. And as any coffee aficionado knows: Perfect pressure equals perfect flavour.

The deal is available until Nov. 29, so you’ve got a few days to take advantage after Black Friday itself, but don’t wait too long. Good quality coffee machines are extremely popular during Black Friday, so don’t get beaten to the punch, or the push of that button, by other coffee-loving bargain-hunters. The Breville one-touch coffee machine is an absolute steal for customised coffee-making.