Ride with Cupid on the Waze app


The Waze app is bringing love to the road with a Cupid character and a heart-covered “Lovewagon” icon for a limited Valentine’s Day driving experience.

Starting Wednesday and throughout February, you can switch up your settings to activate a Valentine’s Day experience that comes with three options: your spoken driving directions can be delivered in the voice of “Cupid” — that is, Waze’s own spin on the mythological figure; your car icon can become Waze’s Lovewagon; and your public-facing map icon can be a purple heart-face with a bow-and-arrow strapped on.

Credit: Waze

To set up the Valentine’s Day experience, click “My Waze” on the app and look for the Cupid button to activate.

Once you’re set up with your temporary icons you’ll see it’s not all roses and chocolate-covered strawberries with Waze’s Cupid. Cupid’s got some biting remarks on the subject of love that’ll come up during an accident alert or when you arrive at your destination. We’ll let you discover the snarky comments peppered throughout your driving directions. Cupid’s quips don’t come in any languages other than English — not even the god of passion’s own native Latin.

Waze has previously offered special driving experiences with other fictional characters like Sesame Street’s Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster.