Ooni’s Ultra-Popular Home Pizza Ovens Are On Sale for Black Friday

The weather outside is frightful—oh, and inside too, since we’re home for Thanksgiving and our Boomer parents for some reason insist on keeping the thermostat at 57 degrees. You know what would hit the spot and warm our weary bones? A hot, cheesy Neapolitan pizza topped with fresh mozz, guanciale, and spicy honey. LGIG—let’s get it going!

If you had one of Ooni’s crazy-popular home pizza ovens, you could manifest a stack of perfect homemade pizzas in minutes, thanks to the ovens’ ability to reach super-high temps in minutes. Home pizza ovens have become a huge thing the last couple of years, and Ooni’s easy-to-use wood- and propane-fueled models get top marks. We took the Karu 16 for a spin ourselves and churned out genuinely delicious (and we think, very impressive) pizzas on our first try. And we have high standards: We’re New Yorkers, baby! (We’re walkin’ heaahhh!) Look at how good the VERY FIRST PIZZA we made with the Karu 16 was:

Love at first pizza. Photo by Hilary Pollack

Anyway, Black Friday 2022 is upon us, and Ooni is offering 20% off sitewide, meaning you can score deals, deals, deals on one of its coveted pizza ovens. A few ideas: Get the Karu 12, compatible with both propane or wood pellets, for $80 off, or score a sleek Koda 12 for just over 300 bucks.

Want one of the Karu 16s? You’ll get $160 off, or grab the Essentials Bundle—which includes the oven as well as a cover, pizza peel, and gas burner—and you’ll save almost $200.

Honestly, get an Ooni for yourself, and your life will absolutely improve (since the pizza will be flowing year-round), but give an Ooni as a gift, and you’re the GOAT.

Head over to Ooni’s site to shop the 20% off Black Friday sale.

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