No matter what features you prefer, these are the best deals on headphones

Looking to upgrade your personal audio? Here are the best deals on headphones and earbuds as of Nov. 22:

BEST NOISE CANCELING DEAL: Sony noise canceling headphones$68 $149.99 (save $81.99)

BEST WIRELESS DEAL: Beats Solo3 wireless headphones$79.99 $131.39 (save $51.40)

BEST EARBUDS DEAL: Samsung Galaxy Buds2 earbuds$89.99 $149.99 (save $60)

We all know that the holidays can be chaotic time of year. You deserve a chance to tune out the world now and then with a pair of really nice headphones. Whether you’re traveling, gaming, or getting in a quick jog, these three headphones— two over-the-ear headphones and a pair of earbuds — from Sony, Beats, and Samsung will have you covered.

Best Noise Canceling Deal

Why we like it

Though it’s trickling down, Active Noise Canceling technology (ANC) still isn’t cheap. So when a pair goes on sale for under $100, especially from a brand as big as Sony, we take notice. The WHCH710N model was on sale last year for $88, but for this year even the list price has dropped to $149, and this 55% off deal blows it out of the water.

Best Wireless Deal

Why we like it

Sleek and street-worthy, these wireless Beats headphones are a great bet for seamless Bluetooth integration. With an Apple W1 chip, they’ll pair seamlessly with your devices — especially your iDevices — and there’s built-in Siri integration, too. Plus, 22 hours of battery life and a 10-minute quick-charging feature are a perk. They look good in black and red, but the two-tone rose gold and white colorway is downright luxurious. At under $80 this week, they look far more expensive than what you’ll really pay.

Best Earbuds Deal

Why we like it

Samsung’s powerful Galaxy Buds2 pack Active Noise Canceling tech into a teeny tiny pair of earbuds. For those in the Galaxy family, they’re a must-have: comfortable, customizable, and delivering great audio quality (thanks to input from audio experts at AKG). When we reviewed them just a few months ago, they used to be even more expensive: not only is the list price lower, but this Best Buy deal brings the price below $90.