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Getting insured can be quite a hassle, especially when you want to get the most bang for your buck. Comparing rates and getting several quotes from a bunch of different providers can be overwhelming and difficult. Having a way to easily find the best plan for you — especially one that can be done quickly and online — is a huge win in the adulting world.

A quick check of your homeowners, auto, and even health insurance coverage options with the help of Insured Nation can offer an educational and often enlightening take on your insurance possibilities.

When it comes to auto insurance, Insured Nation has a smart-matching engine browsing  across the insurance world, and their service presents you with a customized list of insurance  providers willing to insure you, to find the ones that best fit each driver’s very specific auto insurance needs.

Once you head over to the Insured Nation website, you’ll be asked a few short questions about your age, location, and the make and model of your vehicle. It only takes about 60 seconds in total, but after a few more questions, the push of a button will kick-start the smart matching engine that goes through thousands of potential providers and only shows you relevant and valid options.

While there’s no guarantee Insured Nation can find rates better than you currently enjoy, having all your options in front of you choose what’s best for you. Plus, a quick assessment of your insurance situation can let you know you know where you stand.

To find out if you’re eligible for Insured Nation’s free service, just enter your zip code into their quiz and you’ll immediately be on your way to all the tantalizing insurance possibilities that are open to you.  

Go to the Insured Nation website, take the quiz, and check out what premiums you could soon be paying.

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