Hot Gift Alert: These Crazy-Nice Bar Glasses Are 20% Off

Whether your spirit of choice is whiskey, vodka, tequila, gin, or Ghia, nothing is sexier or more satisfying than a perfect cocktail. And while your town likely has a killer cocktail bar that’s always happy to make you one of their “weird” spins on a Negroni or pour a tequila soda for your normcore friend who tags along sometimes, doing it yourself comes with countless benefits. Sure, anybody can throw together a cocktail with tools from around the house and convenience store ingredients, but real cocktail lovers know that the mixing tools—and, indeed, glasses you sip from—are as important as what you’re imbibing.

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend who’s building their ideal bar cart piece by piece (or for yourself)? Fancy cocktail glasses are the answer, and we’re putting the spotlight on Viski since it a) makes gorgeous glassware and b) is having a killer Black Friday sale this weekend. Since 2012, Viski has been on a mission to provide home mixologists with beautiful gear to make, serve, and share great drinks. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 25 to 28), everything on the site is 20% off for orders over $100, meaning you can get some dank gifts and still save a couple bucks for that bottle of Amaro Nonino you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to. Whether you’re looking to level up your own bar situation, get your Painkiller-loving friend on the path toward drink domination, or just elevate your grouchy dad’s Scotch-drinking situation, Viski’s beautiful glassware transports you to different moments in cocktail history—no DeLorean required. Here are our top picks for what to buy when that sale hits.

If you want to feel like you’re sharing a Manhattan with Don Draper, the Meridian lowball glasses are the way to go.

If you’re trying to turn up like you’re in the 1920s and blast some Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller while sipping a gin rickey or a Corpse Reviver, you need these Gatsby tumblers (obscene wealth and Leo DiCaprio-esque good looks not included, unfortunately).

Are you drawn to the golden age of Tiki cocktails? Viski’s crystal Tiki glasses are pretty amazing; sure, most home bars have a few rocks glasses and maybe a pair of classic coupes, but only a select few have Tiki glassware on deck.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics, and if you tend to be content with a perfectly proportioned highball, like me (I’ll *never* say no to a Campari and soda), Viski’s highball glasses will make even a simple drink feel special.

Shopping for the ‘rents? Your mom called—she wants these heavy base crystal martini glasses, and mentioned that your dad needs some new footed crystal Scotch glasses and an absolutely gorgeous—her words, not his—liquor decanter. Will these gifts make them finally affirm your life choices? No, but at least you can all take edge off family gatherings together.

So, your friend who already makes a pretty mean drink but needs to get out of their comfort zone a bit? It’s time to start smoking their own American spirits. To be clear, it’s not cigarettes we’re talking about, but rather Viski’s Alchemi smoked cocktail kit. Set your friend on a path to get on the next season of Netflix’s Drink Masters with this technique that’ll give almost any drink a smoky boost.

Even if you or your friends are not quite at the smoked cocktail level yet, a 7-piece bar essentials set could be the right motivator to get you actually getting some use out of that bar cart you copped from Wayfair two Black Fridays ago.

Sure, you can get yourself and your loved ones some premium bottles of alcohol—but given the trickiness of nailing the right brand of spirit to gift, not to mention the fact that the fun runs out as soon as the bottle goes empty… it’s a tough cocktail to swallow. With Viski offering 20% off on orders over $100, it’s the perfect way to help take you—or a loved one’s—bar cart through the looking glass.

Head to Viski’s site to peruse all the great glassware on sale this weekend for Black Friday.

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