GAA must order replay after final fiasco – Brolly


Joe Brolly says the GAA has no option but to grant Glen a replay after Kilmacud Crokes’ extra-man blunder in the All-Ireland Club Football Final.

Video shows 16 Kilmacud players were defending their goal as Glen tried to rescue the game in the dying seconds when they were losing by two points.

Glen have sought clarification from the GAA and Brolly says the Derry club should lodge an official objection.

“It’s an embarrassment,” Brolly told Radio Ulster’s Sportsound Extra Time.

Kilmacud full-forward Dara Mullin was one of two players substituted late in Sunday’s game which the Dubliners won 1-11 to 1-9 but remained on the pitch and was stationed on his own goalline during the closing seconds as Glen frantically chased a match-winning goal.

Former Derry star Brolly believes the GAA should already have launched its own inquiry into the controversy as opposed to Glen having to consider whether to submit an appeal by Wednesday’s 15:30 GMT deadline.

“This is not a private matter between the Glen club and the Kilmacud club. The rules are the fundamental building blocks of the game,” added Brolly, who is a barrister and is regarded as an authority on the GAA’s official guide rulebook.

Derry 1993 All-Ireland winner Joe Brolly is one of the most high-profile GAA pundits

‘This is about the integrity of the game’

GAA rule 6.4.4 states that circumstances such as arose on Sunday at Croke Park should see the offending team either fined, ordered to replay the game or forfeiting the game.

“This is about the integrity of the game itself. It’s extremely disappointing to learn today that the GAA have decided that they will not themselves launch an inquiry by the committee in charge,” continued Brolly.

“The Glen club should register an objection. I think that it’s really cowardly of the GAA to take the decision that they have taken. This [rule breach] is not in any doubt.

“I don’t question the integrity of Kilmacud or Glen, two teams who conducted themselves with discipline and honour throughout the game.

“This is not a matter for them. This is an embarrassment that the GAA say that ‘we’ll leave it to Glen’.

“The reputation of the GAA is at stake here. It shouldn’t be that the onus is placed on Glen.

“A replay should be ordered when the 16th man takes an active role in the game. We can’t have a situation where 16 players are playing against 15.

“Imagine in the World Cup final this year, if Argentina had 12 players on the field in the dying moments of the game.

“It’s a travesty and there would be an immediate investigation by Fifa in those circumstances and inevitably an order for the game to be replayed. There would be no messing around.

“The association’s (GAA’s) job is to defend the game. To protect its reputation. The circumstances here couldn’t have been more critical.”

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