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Frequently Asked Questions


Empowers news consumers to break out of echo chambers, and help them make sense of the content they consume, and the world around them.


To mitigate against echo chambers and misinformation.


To build a content platform free of misinformation, that provides users with the option to challenge their opinion, which will enable them to better understand the world around them.


Break Free of echo chambers and misinformation


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DAILYTOPFEEDS empowers news consumers to break out of echo chambers, and help them make sense of the content they consume, and the world around them
DAILYTOPFEEDS utilises RSS feeds from trusted and credible publishers
DAILYTOPFEEDS provides powerful AI tools to subscribers that enable them to filter and consume the content they want in the way they want, and not how they are forced to.
DAILYTOPFEEDS provides simple and user friendly keyword search functionality on each category page
DAILYTOPFEEDS makes it easy to share content to your favourite social media platform by clicking the relevant icon on the article page.
DAILYTOPFEEDS provides a host of advertising solutions from display advertising and sponsored newsletters to branded content opportunities, and category takeovers
Currently, DAILYTOPFEEDS only publishes aggregated news content from trusted and highly reputable sources, but the platform will be publishing original content by April 2023. DAILYTOPFEEDS will allow contributors worldwide to publish a wide range of content on technology, business, finance, crypto, science and more. DAILYTOPFEEDS will also be partnering up with universities to publish well researched academic content in forms of deep dive and opinion based articles.
DAILYTOPFEEDS will be providing subscriptions in the very near future when all the AI tools are completely embedded in the site. Therefore, the readers can subscribe to consume news and content that are free of echo chambers and misinformation.
At the moment, DAILYTOPFEEDS is only providing global news content, but will look to add local news in the future.
DAILYTOPFEEDS would love to get users’ contributing to the diverse mix of opinions across the all the cataegories on our platform. It will definitely support our mission to move news consumers out of echo chambers, and enable them to have a balanced media diet.
DAILYTOPFEEDS is desktop only at the moment, but we will be launching one very soon.