El Salvador’s New Crypto Policies Make Future Beautiful, Says Trader


The Bitcoin trader with the Twitter alias, Shooter- Filmmaker-Feathered Serpent, commented on the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele’s revolutionary disclosure of the country’s renewed crypto policies. Celebrating the new position of the leading crypto Bitcoin, the crypto analyst tweeted that the “future is gonna be beautiful.”

On March 24, the Bitcoin influencer tweeted thanking Nayib Bukele and Bitcoin:

In fact, the crypto trader’s tweet directly responded to the American broadcaster Max Keiser’s post about El Salvador’s polished crypto policies. Keiser pointed out the different aspects of the new approach, including the transformation of Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Notably, as per the novel scheme, all the crypto assets except Bitcoin would be considered as securities while Bitcoin would be viewed as money, thus creating a “Bitcoin Country.” In addition, the plan also intends to make El Salvador the “safest country in the Americas,” cut debts, and encourage tech entrepreneurs with direct tax policies.

In the early hours of March 24, Bukele shared the country’s bill proposal to eliminate taxes, quoting:

Interestingly, the tweet received a wide range of acceptance though there were some negative comments. Many people overwhelmingly supported the President, while others simply disregarded it.

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