Christina Ricci just debunked the worst ‘Yellowjackets’ fan theory

Christina Ricci has been a beloved star since she was a child, but her character on Showtime’s hit series Yellowjackets — the deliciously unhinged Misty Fucking Quigley — has launched her back into a well-deserved spotlight. Appearing on The Tonight Show to promote her new horror movie Monstrous, Ricci told host Jimmy Fallon that she couldn’t get enough of the frenzied online theorizing about what goes down in the wilderness and beyond.

“Is the baby one on there? Because that’s the worst,” Ricci asked Fallon, who was about to grill her on some of the most popular theories. “That’s the one I was obsessed with and just thought was so insane: Do they eat Shauna’s baby?”

“What?” whispered Fallon, clutching the question card.

Ricci explained that as wild as it was to imagine Shauna carrying her unintended pregnancy to term through the harsh winter only for the baby to become a meal, it stuck in her head. “I thought: ‘Everyone else is really ashamed of what they did [in the wilderness], so maybe they do eat the baby?'”

But Ricci said that her curiosity got the better of her and she asked one of the writers: “And she said no. Nobody’s eating any babies.”

Clearly the writer in question hasn’t run this by co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco, who refused to rule it out in one post-finale interview.

Fallon ran through the rest of the theories and while Ricci made it clear that the show’s writers don’t share a lot of future detail about the story arcs, she also had some pretty firm opinions.

Is true-crime buff Misty, who commits a truly diabolical murder in the Season 1 finale, a serial killer? “I would say that she’s probably done it before… It was really easy [for her]. Casual.”

Is Jackie still alive? “I don’t see how that one is possible, to tell you the truth — I don’t see how, no. She froze to death. We saw it.” (This one has been definitely ruled out — sorry, Jackie/Shauna shippers.)

Has Misty been working for Lottie and her shadowy cabal of lavender-clad cult members this whole time? Ricci says it’s “possible”. But at the top of the interview, she straight-up describes Misty as “a villain”. So we can go forward into Season 2 safe in the knowledge that Misty’s arc gets darker, even if nobody’s chowing down on a newborn.

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