Cardano Founder Addresses Momentary “Blip” of Cardano Nodes


On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2023, Cardano (ADA) and IOG founder Charles Hoskinson tweeted a video in which he hosted a ‘whiteboard session’ to address the two-minute node outage that occurred on Cardano on January 22nd.

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In the 23-minute video, Hoskinson delves deep into the balance between prevention and recovery in distributed systems, stating:

“The more complexity that you introduce, the more probability that the system, at any given time, is going to have some bad cells, and the system has to purge those bad cells, especially as you scale it.”
Hoskinson highlights that in any “good distributed system,” there has to be a balance of prevention and recovery and opines that the Cardano ecosystem is experiencing “a very natural growing pain in distributed systems design.” He further states that “the very fact that we [Cardano] were able to recover in under two minutes is a good indication that there is a nice balance of these features inside the system between prevention and recovery given the ‘demons’ we face.”

According to the network’s founder, Cardano could have taken additional preventative measures to narrow or prevent the possibility of issues arising. He explained how these preventative measures could have included the following “trade-offs:”

The brief outage of Cardano nodes occurred on January 22nd, 2023, as approximately 50% of all active relay and block-producing nodes disconnected for a short period before restarting without intervention.

Input Output Global (IOG) claimed that the anomaly was not a concern since block production was only impacted briefly, and the network unsynced momentarily before most nodes automatically recovered. The root cause of the outage is still under research.

The Cardano blockchain has not experienced an outage in five years and automatically recovered affected nodes with minimal downtime. The swift recovery after the node outage reflects the detailed methodology behind the development of the Cardano blockchain.

The Cardano node outage, albeit brief and with no major implications on the network, indicates the “natural growing pains” of the distributed system, according to Hoskinson. These issues are inescapable as the volume of transactions increases and computational complexity grows.

The resilience of prevention and recovery protocols is imperative to ensuring the safety of funds on the network.

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