Black Friday deals are here — now’s your chance to get these high-carbon chef knives for up to 79% off

TL;DR: Through Nov. 27, you can get the five or eight-piece Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Set for $69.99 and $89.99, respectively — no code needed.

Looking for a gift that’s a recipe for success? Try some high-quality kitchen knives. Whether you’re shopping for a professional chef or someone who is making their first tentative forays beyond the microwave, a good set of knives could make home-cooking fun. 

We’ve got two stunning sets of knives that could sharpen almost any kitchen look, and normally they’d each be well over $100, but for Black Friday, these prices have been appropriately slashed. You’ve got until November 27 to get a five or eight-piece set of Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knives for $69.99 or $89.99.

Take a stab at cooking with some high-quality knives 

Using a sharp knife isn’t just safer, it could also make cooking easier. You don’t need to hack through meat when you have an eight-inch chef knife sharpened to an acute 15-degree angle and forged in carbon steel to keep that edge longer. But, if you’re working on a particularly thick steak, you might want to break out the seven-inch cleaver that’s included in both knife sets. 

Chop up some sides with the seven-inch santoku knife, and don’t forget to use the 3.5-inch paring knife for any delicate knifework. Need to prep some veggies? There’s another Santoku knife, and this one is five inches in case you want a little more control with a smaller blade. 

All of these knives are included in both sets, but the eight-piece set also comes with an eight-inch slicing knife that could be your go-to for get-togethers. There’s also an eight-inch bread knife and a six-inch boning knife. With holiday feasts right around the corner, these knives could not arrive at a better time. 

Both sets come with a beautiful gift box, great for storing your knives safely or providing a classy container for a soon-to-be-loved gift. 

A great gift for the holidays or housewarming 

Black Friday is here, and it’s your chance to get either of these beautiful knife sets for a huge discount now through November 27. Get the five or eight-piece Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Set for $69.99 and $89.99, respectively. No coupon needed. 

Prices subject to change.