Best cloud storage services: Back up, share, and collaborate more easily


Remote based storage is nothing new, but there’s never been a busier time for cloud-based services. With the growing trend for more and more businesses working remotely and more individuals than ever storing increasingly large amounts of essential files, it’s vital that you have some form of backup and the ability to work collaboratively via the internet courtesy of a suitable cloud storage service.

There are dozens of different cloud services out there, so how do you know what’s best for you or your business? We’ve taken a look at seven of the best cloud storage options, evaluating the services they offer, and finding the best solution for every scenario, no matter your budget.

Why should I store my files in the cloud?

In a word, security. Your personal PC or Mac likely contains a lot of valuable files. These might be photos of loved ones, important documents relating to your studies, or vital tax documents that you don’t want to lose. Whatever the files may be, they’re essential to you, so it makes sense to have copies in multiple locations. That’s even more crucial for businesses, given that losing vital files could cost them a lot of money as well as credibility amongst their customers. It’s undoubtedly essential to back up data on other physical hard drives, but a cloud-based storage solution means that someone else is keeping them secure and safe. A cloud backup can make a world of difference if something awful happens at your physical location, such as a fire or burglary.

What should I look for in cloud storage solutions?

Cloud storage options can be confusing. When it comes to maintaining stored files, what do you need? Do you simply need a secure place to leave your files, or do you require collaboration tools so that other users can make adjustments?

Collaboration tools might sound like something only a business needs when editing documents, but it can be useful for families to be able to join together to add photos to a folder for a special event. If you’re planning on storing multiple media files, consider file size limits and storage space requirements. For personal use, free cloud storage can be the best option too, giving you many of the benefits and none of the bills. We’ve covered all the main reasons why you might want to use cloud storage below, and have outlined our top picks for the best cloud storage services.