Arkham Intelligence to Add Support for Polygon in 2023


Arkham Intelligence announced that it would begin supporting the Polygon chain, allowing for the tracking, monitoring, and identifying of wallets on the Polygon chain. Arkham Intelligence plans to introduce support for this chain in the first quarter, joining Ethereum as the analytic firm’s second supported blockchain.

According to Arkham, Polygon was selected as the second integration due to the platform’s massive user base and existing relationships with major brands like Disney, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), and Stripe.

DeFiLlama reports that among the major Layer 1 blockchains by Total Value Locked, Polygon is one of the most popular choices for on-chain activities. As such, Polygon was an obvious choice for Arkham since data analytics solutions need to support many blockchains to appeal to a larger audience.

Arkham has stated that integrating various chains on their platform “opens new possibilities for on-chain research,” implying that support for additional blockchains is in the works.

“By expanding to Polygon, Arkham will give users the u …

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