Alex Garland’s ‘Men’ trailer reveals Jessie Buckley running from the unknown


Writer and director Alex Garland entranced us and freaked us out with his first two films, Ex Machina and Annihilation. Now he’s back with Men. From the looks of its teaser, his latest is going to give us even more nightmares.

Academy Award nominee Jessie Buckley plays Harper, a woman who has retreated to the countryside to recover from a personal tragedy. Her peace of mind is interrupted when someone — or something — begins stalking her.

Men’s teaser is full of striking imagery: a dark tunnel surrounded by lush greenery, an apple tree losing all its fruit, a shadowy figure moving through a graveyard. It’s all underscored by a repeating cry from Harper and some foreboding piano notes, which tease horror without giving anything away. Do we know what’s going on yet? No. Do we want to watch? Absolutely.

Rory Kinnear and Paapa Essiedu co-star.

Men hits theaters May 20.