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About Us

What is the main purpose of DAILYTOPFEEDS?

DAILYTOPFEEDS empowers news consumers to break out of echo chambers and helps them make sense of the content they consume, and the world around them.


We’re on a mission to build a content platform free of misinformation, that provides users with the option to challenge their opinion, which will enable them to better understand the world around them. 


  1. Platforms Encourage Echo Chambers
  2. Media Bias Drives Polarization
  3. Value placed on shock and awe


  1. Anti Echo Chambers
  2. Deep Dive Content based on facts and research results 
  3. Balanced Media Diet 

DAILYTOPFEEDS aims to solve these challenges by building tools to hand agency to the people – allowing them to understand more about the news they and the world around them.

Meet Our Team

Wolfe Redtharms

Founder, CEO

Greig Dowling


Zeynep Yenipinar

Managing Director

Shadman Khandaker

Sr. Software Engineer

Toby King

Sr. Software Developer

Bora Çelikörs

Jr. Software Developer

Alp Önder Yener

Jr. Software Developer

Haydn Wilson

Jr. Marketing Executive

How was DAILYTOPFEEDS originated?

DAILYTOPFEEDS was launched in 2021 by media experts with a passion for news and a desire to change the way people consume content and communicate online.

Our driving mission is to change the way people consume the news online. Content platforms encourage echo chambers and promote heavily biased opinions, all in the name of user engagement to drive views and clicks.

We want to provide our users with different perspectives on their preferred topics, offering them diverse opinions and alternate perspectives. We think this is key to better understanding the world around you.

DAILYTOPFEEDS is made up of a dynamic team of publishing, development, and data science professionals from all over the world, with one thing in common. We want to change the way people consume content and communicate online.

Talk to us

Our team is growing rapidly and we are always excited to hear from like-minded people with a passion for content. Get in touch and help us change the world!