2 Monkeys Disappeared From Dallas Zoo—And Police Think They Were Stolen



Dallas police are investigating the possible theft of two monkeys that disappeared Monday from the Dallas Zoo–in the latest and most dramatic event in a series of bizarre incidents involving the facility.

Key Facts

The zoo said two emperor tamarin monkeys went missing Monday morning after their enclosure “had been intentionally compromised,” and added that the police “have reason to believe the tamarins were taken.”

It’s not clear if any suspects have been identified or if police have identified a possible motive—the Dallas Police Department said in a statement its investigation is “ongoing.”

The Dallas Zoo was closed Monday due to a winter storm impacting the area, and it will remain closed until at least Thursday due to the conditions.

The zoo tweeted the monkeys are naturally inclined to “stay close to home.”

Key Background

The zoo shut down on January 13 after an escaped clouded leopard hid for hours after escaping from a cut in her enclosure. The escape prompted a short-lived social media frenzy, which died down after the animal was found safe near her habitat that afternoon. But the mystery grew a day later, when officials said a similar hole was found in the langur monkeys’ habitat, though none escaped. The odd events took a turn for the sinister last week, when officials said the death of a vulture that had lived at the zoo for 33 years did “not appear to be from natural causes.”

Big Number

Up to $10,000. That’s the reward the zoo is offering for information about the death of the vulture, which was named “Pin.”

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